Department of Corrections
BCC Receives Perfect PREA Audit Score

Press Release Date:  Tuesday, August 25, 2015  
Contact Information:  Contact: Mike Caudill
502-782-2345 (office)
502-229-5638 (cell)

Blackburn Correctional Complex (BCC) received a perfect score during its Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) audit. Signed into law Sept. 4, 2003, PREA is intended to address the detection, prevention, reduction and prosecution of sexual harassment and abuse in correctional facilities in the country.

PREA auditors Sarah Nelson and Levi Bennett from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services conducted the audit. The auditors were very thorough during their tour and interview process and complimented both inmates and staff for their PREA knowledge.

“I am very proud of everyone at the Blackburn Correctional Complex,” said Corrections Commissioner LaDonna H. Thompson. “This score is a true reflection of the hard work and dedication of the staff at BCC.”

PREA audits consist of 43 national standards that ensure compliance with all facets of this federal legislation. Each of Kentucky’s 12 prisons will receive an initial PREA audit within the first three-year audit period that concludes in August 2016, with follow-up audits conducted once every three years on a continuous cycle.

“I am very proud of all BCC staff for their efforts and professionalism during the PREA audit,” said Warden Steve Haney. “It was very evident to the auditors that all BCC staff are aware of the importance of PREA and the need to comply with PREA standards. Staff are commended for such a successful first PREA audit. I also want to thank the auditors for their work and kind remarks.”