Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General Conway Announces Election Fraud Hotline Results

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, November 03, 2010  
Contact Information:  Shelley Catharine Johnson
Deputy Communications Director
502-696-5659 (office)

Attorney General Jack Conway announced today that his Election Fraud Hotline received 202 calls from 62 counties between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. during Kentucky's General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 2. There were a total of 212 issues raised in the calls, 11 of which involved allegations of vote buying/selling in seven Kentucky counties. Twenty-seven of the complaints involved general election fraud and 44 involved procedural questions.

The Attorney General's Election Fraud Hotline received 126 calls in the May 2010 Primary, while the November 2008 General Election generated 272 calls to the hotline on election day.

"I appreciate all of the voters who helped serve as our eyes and ears on the ground Tuesday to report any possible voting irregularities," said General Conway. "My office will process and review all of the complaints we have received and will take the appropriate action if we find violations of Kentucky's election laws."

The Office of the Attorney General, by law, cannot provide details regarding specific complaints or possible pending investigations. The office will continue to work closely with the U.S. Attorneys from the Western and Eastern Districts of Kentucky, Kentucky State Police, the Kentucky Board of Elections, and the Kentucky Secretary of State to review complaints, and where necessary, investigate any that prove to be criminal in nature.

Election Fraud Hotline calls:

44 Procedural Questions
35 Voting Machines
33 Electioneering within 300' of Polls
28 Election Officials
27 General Election Fraud/Other
11 Vote Buying/Selling
9 Legal Question
8 Special or Absentee Ballot
7 Voter Identification
3 Residency
2 Voter Assistance
1 Campaign Finance
1 Exit Polling
1 Disrupting Polls
1 Campaign Violation
1 Person Voting More Than Once

In addition to the Election Fraud Hotline, investigators with the Office of the Attorney General conducted on-site surveys of polling places across Kentucky. Agents were able to provide timely responses to allegations of voting irregularities.

Within the next 20 days, the office will also conduct post-election audits of six Kentucky counties, based on random selection, to look for any potential irregularities.