Office of the Attorney General
Officials Join Together to Monitor Upcoming Election for Voter Fraud

Press Release Date:  Wednesday, April 28, 2010  
Contact Information:  Allison Gardner Martin
Communications Director
502-696-5651 (office)

Officials from various agencies across the Commonwealth came together today in the State Capitol to emphasize that vote fraud will not be tolerated in the May 18th primary election. Secretary of State Trey Grayson, Attorney General Jack Conway, Tom Dyke, the chief election fraud prosecutor for U.S. Attorney Candace G. Hill in the Western District of Kentucky, and Ken Taylor, the chief election fraud prosecutor for Acting U.S. Attorney E.J. Walbourn in the Eastern District of Kentucky discussed the importance of this year's elections and how each office is working to protect the election from potential fraud.

Secretary Grayson, the chief elections official of the Commonwealth and Chairman of the State Board of Elections noted that the cooperation between the agencies had been "tremendous" but that many of these efforts require the help of citizens. "We are working to rid Kentucky of election fraud and have taken a number of steps to do so. We now turn to citizens and ask them to report anything that they may find unusual concerning the election."

Officials from each agency have been meeting in recent weeks to prepare for the election, discussing any potential issues and problem areas.

The Office of the Attorney General has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute violations of the Kentucky Election laws. By law, the Attorney General administers programs to observe the conduct of elections, maintains a toll-free hotline to receive reports of election law violations, investigates any such violations, takes appropriate enforcement action and conducts post election audits based on random selection in counties throughout Kentucky.

"Investigators from my office will be patrolling precincts and polling places, but we need citizens to join with us to ensure that all Kentuckians have a chance to make their vote count on election day," General Conway said.

The Election Fraud Hotline is 1-800-328-VOTE (800-328-8683). The hotline is available throughout the year during normal business hours.  On May 18th, calls will be received from 6a.m. EST until 7p.m. EST.

The State Board of Elections will also be fielding calls about the election from now through Election Day. Citizens are encouraged to contact their local county clerk or the State Board of Elections with general election concerns or for election information.

Because federal races will be on the ballot, the offices of the U.S. Attorney's for both the Western and Eastern Districts in Kentucky will be conducting their traditional Voting Integrity Initiatives.

"The bedrock foundation of democracy is the concept of 'one person, one vote', a concept which requires each voter to make his own informed voting decision. Any type of vote fraud—whether it be as simple as handing out ten dollar bills in the parking lot, or as sophisticated as hiding vote buying behind vote hauling checks—perverts democracy and dilutes the votes of honest citizens.  Whenever and wherever this office has jurisdiction, we pledge to pursue election fraud in whatever form it arises," said Assistant United States Attorney Ken Taylor.

United States Attorney Candace G. Hill, representing the Western District of Kentucky, stated, "The detection of vote buying and other forms of election fraud depends in large part on the watchfulness and cooperation of the voters across Kentucky. Election fraud dilutes the worth of votes honestly cast, and corrupts the essence of our representative form of government. As crimes against both the individual and the government, they will be dealt with as promptly and aggressively as possible. Regardless of the election involved, federal agents are prepared to vigorously enforce all federal laws regulating the election process and will investigate valid complaints of election impropriety that implicate federal criminal laws."

"Together, we will work to ensure that every citizen can participate in a fair and honest election," said Secretary Grayson.