Office of the Attorney General
Attorney General Stumbo Announces Release Of DUI Prosecution Manual

Press Release Date:  Thursday, September 27, 2007  
Contact Information:  Corey Bellamy, 502-696-5643 Office  

Attorney General Greg Stumbo announced today that his Office has completed preparation of a new DUI Prosecution Manual to aid law enforcement in the battle against drunk driving.

Last year, over 25,000 people were convicted of DUI crimes in Kentucky. As a result of these preventable occurrences, 188 people died in alcohol related crashes on Kentucky’s roads.

“This DUI Prosecution Manual is part of our continued mission to provide the best training possible for Kentucky’s prosecutors,” said Attorney General Stumbo. “Every day, law enforcement works to keep our roadways safe. They deserve the very best resources we can give them to help protect our citizens.”

The completion of the Manual finalized months of research regarding current strategies in DUI prosecution. Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and victims’ groups provided input into the final product. The Manual was authored by Robert Stokes, the Commonwealth’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (“TSRP”), who worked with these groups to gather their input and suggestions. The Attorney General’s Office will distribute the Manual in electronic CD-ROM format to prosecutors and will update the Manual periodically.

Preparation of the Manual was made possible by grant funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”). In May of 2006, the Attorney General’s Office applied for the NHTSA grant to hire an Assistant Attorney General as a TSRP. More than 30 states now have TSRP positions, and these experts help prosecutors and law enforcement officers work as a team to more effectively prosecute DUI and other traffic safety crimes. The TSRP grant is administered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Transportation Safety.

“We are pleased to provide funding to employ a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor and assist law enforcement by providing the necessary tools and training,” said Commissioner Tim Hazlette, Department of Transportation Safety. “Highway safety is a shared responsibility. We must all work together to combat drinking and driving and reduce injuries and fatalities on Kentucky’s roads.”

In attendance at today’s announcement were representatives from the Transportation Cabinet, the Kentucky State Police, and Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement along with County Attorneys and victims’ organizations. Representatives from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”) attended the event and also provided victim resource material which was included in the DUI Prosecution Manual.

Angela M. Criswell, State Executive Director, MADD Kentucky, said “One of the strongest deterrents to drunk driving is the knowledge all drunk drivers will be prosecuted rigorously and consistently. However, DUI cases are among the most complicated to prosecute. The publication of this DUI Manual helps ensure that all prosecutors will have the tools necessary to build and present strong and effective DUI cases. MADD believes this will result in lives saved and injuries prevented, and we applaud the Kentucky Attorney General's Office and the Kentucky Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor for making this manual a reality.”

“I am pleased that so many different organizations came together to accomplish this task,” said Attorney General Stumbo. “As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, I am confident that this Manual will assist our state’s dedicated prosecutors in their fight to combat drunk driving.”